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Marketing agency China: Standing out of the world’s largest crowd

Entering and succeeding in a chosen market in China must be accomplished with expertise, experience, and knowledge. Daxue Consulting Marketing agency China has built its reputation around the world by working with some of the most influential multinationals. Samsung, Audi, Carrefour have been satisfied clients of Daxue. Our China-based marketing agency is specialized in creating innovating ideas adapted to the precise demand. Prints, radios, television and the Internet are exploited to impact the Chinese segment of your choice. The strength of Daxue Consulting relies on its geographical and cultural specialization for the Chinese market, targeting specific groups, cities and regions over China. We have operated in Beijing, Shanghai but also in most of the top 50 China’s cities.

We can deliver trustworthy, reliable and adapted services and offer advertising campaigns suitable for the Chinese market. Teams are systematically tailored and involve Daxue Consulting’s nationwide network of contacts across China, to reach maximum efficiency and satisfaction of clients. We have market agency in Beijing and Shanghai and can, of course, meet you all around China.

Marketing agency China: Building tailored marketing campaigns

Daxue Consulting provides the best advice for clients seeking to enter or promote their products in China. We adapt to needs, requirements and corporate working methods. Our approach to work and advertising demands systematic and careful analysis and regular feedback from our clients.

Thus working with a marketing agency in China such as Daxue Consulting which is specialized in the commercialization in China empowers customers in all aspects.

Our market and industry expertise of the market is precious and increases customer knowledge of their environment. We ensure proper actions are undertaken with optimal positioning for revenues and brand recognition to be lifted at the fast pace.



Marketing agency China: Overcoming challenges in Beijing and Shanghai

Our marketing agency service is keeping up with the needs for the update and responsiveness by permanently producing new data with our on-going research.

An other important challenge faced by marketing agencies is that China is a single large unified economy but composed of 29 different provinces. Each province has different peoples, dialects, and customs resulting to various preferences for brands, tastes, and expectations. Customizing and segmenting those characteristics according to your objectives is our core of expertise.

Marketing agency China: Guiding to success

Doing marketing with China must be applied considering long-term relationships with the clients and the building trust over significant periods of time.

In this way, as much innovative ideas and new strategies are being developed in China; we make sure we bear in mind the traditional point of view well described by the famous Chinese proverb “If there are many buyers in the market, the merchant doesn’t wash his turnips…”

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