Map and optimize your digital customer journey

Nowadays, brands need to give importance to all stages of the consumer journey and adopt an omnichannel approach. Drawing a comprehensive customer journey map enables you to visualize the path leading your customers from awareness to purchase, so that you can build a seamless experience.

A company’s relationship with its customers goes far beyond improving the purchasing experience or customer service. A customer journey map is a visual representation of your users’ interactions with your brand (also known as called touchpoints).

Such map reports how your customers surf on your different platforms. You will know when and where they stop (pain points) or what thrills them (opportunities). This process, known as UX Design, considers and foresees the user’s needs and expectations in order to develop a pleasant, user-friendly, and above all, effective platform.

Our steps for mapping and optimizing your customer journey in China:


We will conduct desk research to understand the digital ecosystem of your business’ industry.


Our experts will analyze your current digital position and overall user experience.


Pain points and key platforms with the most influence on your target customers will be noted by our team.


Our specialists will develop a plan to optimize your online operations and test its relevancy and impact.


Combining all of the analyses and data, we can create an effective customer journey map for you.

What Digital Customer Journey brings you

Essential information for your platform

Our Customer Journey Map can help you optimize your channels to better attract and better convert consumers on your platforms.

Develop your consumer experience management in China

By understanding where your customers interact the most with your brand, we can help you maximize the impact of your marketing actions and improve your customer experience.

Understand your growth opportunity

A customer journey map can support you in identifying untapped opportunities and missed touchpoints for your brand on China’s digital market.

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