An exemplary cross-industry collaboration example in China: What do lipstick and China’s most popular mobile game have in common? | Daxue Consulting

mac and honor of kings

M.A.C successfully collaborated with China’s biggest mobile game to boost brand awareness Cross-industry collaboration in China. Last month, the Canadian cosmetics brand M.A.C and the most popular Chinese mobile game Honor of Kings released five co-branded lipsticks, featuring the lip colors of 5 well-known game characters. This cross-industry collaboration has become a huge success and […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #14: How to run a creative brand consulting company in China

brand consulting China

Mattieu David, founder of China Paradigm, interviews Qin Guo, managing partner of the branding agency BSUR. Guo took a different entrepreneurial path, rather than starting her own company, she brought an international company to China. In this China podcast, Guo tells her story of establishing the Shanghai office of the branding company BSUR. She organized […]

Sighting the future: The market for myopia treatment in China

Daxue Consulting-the market for myopia treatment in China

Where lie the challenges facing the market for myopia treatment in China? As of 2016, the market for myopia treatment in Chinawas already worth $2.7 billion. The market is set to continue growing at 14.8 percent a year, reaching $5.3 billion by 2021, according to a market research institution. Amid the optimism, however, players in […]

Top 5 TCM Brands in China

TCM Brands China

Top 5 TCM Brands in China While westernization is growing and getting more important in China, there is still room for traditional market in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine are one of these markets which show positive evolution and great potential in the very near future.  According to market research from the China’s National Bureau of […]

Branding China : Nespresso strategy in China

Branding China: Nespresso strategy in China [See more about coffee market in China] Nespresso, affiliated to Nestlé, is a company specialized in making and selling coffee capsules and coffee machines. Already well-established in Europe, Nespresso shifts its target to the Chinese market. With only 4 cups of coffee per person yearly in China, the concept of […]

Cosmetics and Toiletries Market in China

China represents one of the most dynamic and untapped cosmetics and toiletries markets in the world. Last six to seven years have proved highly beneficial for the market when it has undergone rapid transformation and expansion phase. The Chinese cosmetics and toiletries market is the 2nd largest in Asia-Pacific region after Japan and seventh largest […]