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Branding Strategy in China

Branding strategy is a crucial phase in creating an evocative and popular brand. Especially in China, a good Branding strategy will lead your company to build a prestigious and high qualitative image which can help you overtake local brands and gain a competitive edge over foreign competitors. Daxue Consulting offers Marketing Researches and Market reports to help you to create and grow your brand in China. We design with your staff the most adapted research methodology according to your Branding Objective. The aim of our service is to provide you the key drivers of a successful Branding strategy in China. We deliver results that are rich and relevant leveraging on your competitive attributes. We like to offer you more than data and results as consulting and management activation suggestion are a major part of our services.

Our services – Branding China

Our team comprises of Chinese and French marketing specialists who can create and manage complex and various methodologies to answer your Branding issues. We pay special attention to your requirements, help you identify the objectives and are fully responsive and committed in every step of our relationship.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness defines the customers’ capacity to remember the brand. It consists of both brand recognition and brand recall. We measure it by associating it with the brand’s specific sector or category of product. We can measure Unaided awareness and Prompted awareness.

Brand Equity

Our Brand Equity measure is driven by Consumers’ Response. We build a representation of brand imagery and other sources of equity to help understand what drives brand equity. This helps prioritize marketing action. We measure brand equity by measuring how people react to the brand. This gives a robust measure of brand performance. Our Brand Equity understanding is driven by 2 questions: What people know (Sources of Brand Equity) and What people do (Outcomes).

Brand Identity

The brand identity is the outward expression of the brand. It includes the name, the trademark, the communication strategy and the style guide. Brand identity is fundamental to consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors. Adapt this Branding identity to the China’s market is a complex task. Our multi-cultural staff can help you to optimize this Brand Identity in China by providing expertise and insights about the culture and the specificities of the Chinese market. Our objective is to ensure that your Brand looks like it is and like you want to be identified.