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Daxue Consulting offers strong expertise for your Market research in China

Daxue Consulting regularly conducts researches on different markets in China. Our scope of expertise covers consumption patterns, U&A, Brand Equity, Consumer Insight, Trade Marketing- etc. based on our data and information.

Our network covers all of China. Every market research can be realized either in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzen or second-tier cities such as Dalian, Harbin, Xiamen, Xian, etc.

Our  aim is to provide a better understanding of China market, consumers and consumption patterns. The final purpose is to provide you the access to distribution networks in and to enable our customers to have a clear vision on how to sell in China. Our project managers provide valuable insights on the Chinese market, they identify key driver of growth and the recommendations given are as operational as possible.

Daxue Consulting uses proven methodologies for your Market research in China

To conduct a market research in China, Daxue Consulting may use various methodologies such as:

  • Qualitative interviews with market experts: consultants, professors, professionals,
  • Quantitative interviews with targeted sample of consumers. We work with your staff to determine the best approach and provide valuable and complete data analysis.
  • Store-checks, mystery shopping, benchmarks,
  • Online survey and research
  • Information collection through the Internet (Baidu, google, specific platforms) and magazines (specific fields, analysis of competitors, competing media plans),
  • Interviews with competitors through various approaches,
  • Synthesis of internal documents, etc.

Our deliveries are designed to provide a complete insight of the market

The recommendations from the market research in China will be accompanied by a certain number of documents, in particular:

  • A clear presentation highlighting of the key drivers of growth, with the data and all the information proving these conclusion,
  • The figures of industry trends highlight, and the elements of a successful marketing plan,
  • A benchmark of the players in the market with their marketing strategies,
  • The Marketing Mix adopted: price, localization, POS, etc.
  • Recommendations on the selection of providers.

Some references for market research projects

Daxue Consulting recently realized the following market research projects:

  • For a textile company, an analysis of competitors with their marketing strategy,
  • For a company of music equipment, an analysis of marketing strategies among upscale competitors and players in the West,
  • For an industrial company, a research on the deals made in the last 3 years in their industry.

Price of the services for a market research project

The market research is charged on a day-study/person basis between 500 and 3000 RMB (55 and 330 euros). The minimum price for a study is 5,000 RMB (550 euros). Some research projects may reach up to 500,000 RMB (50,000 euros) especially when the study is part of a long-term contract.

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