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Market Survey in China

The market survey in China is a tool to help you better understand China market and to identify the key drivers of success for your brand or your company in China. An online and offline survey in China helps you to identify consumer demands and expectations, market opportunities, future trends or even competition landscapes. The final goal is to provide you with all the information you will need to make the best decision and design the best strategy in China.

Daxue Consulting has strong expertise of market survey in China

To design the most adapted market survey, our team of consultants will work hand-to-hand with your staff to choose which methodologies is the most suitable to your goal and the information you need: qualitative or quantitative online and offline survey, mystery shopping, street interaction, store check, focus groups… Our team has the valuable experience in the wide range of methodologies you will need in China market. Our extensive network allows us to provide local projects as Market survey in Shanghai or market survey in Beijing.

The market offline and online survey involves a lot of raw data which require data-mining process and analysis capacities, driven by a strong knowledge of the local market and an influential business sense. Our project teams are built and trained for purpose and offer professionalism, responsiveness and quality in every step of the process of the survey.

To perform an effective market survey in China, it is important to perfectly define the scope of the research and the target market. This is why we like to work in direct relation to your staff. All of our projects are unique, and we have customized all our solution to your needs and objectives.


Daxue Consulting delivers valuable insights through market online and offline survey in China

Market surveys also involve statistic tools and formulas such as cross-tabulation. Our workers have qualitative education in the field of data-mining and statistic to ensure you the best analysis regarding the data gathered on the field.

Besides numbers, a market survey often also discloses some verbatim to go deeper and give some insights into the mindset of the interviewees. Our knowledge of China’s culture and consumer habits allow us to give you the best analysis of these qualitative data.

Through market survey, Daxue Consulting can give you valuable insights to perform on:

  • Street interaction
  • Segmentation
  • Brand Equity
  • U & A
  • Profiling
  • Client mapping
  • Loyalty assessment
  • Benchmarking your competitor’s market share

Daxue Consulting’s vision for market surveys in China

Market survey ShanghaiDuring a market survey, it is crucial to perfectly select the people who we are going to interview / ask the questions. Besides the way they do the questionnaires, there is also the way they understand the answers and transcript the answers on paper. This requires a minimum of education and a minimum of university background. That is why we based our business model on three levels of consultants – students, internal consultants, and experts –  which is perfectly adapted to market surveys in China and it outperforms the current quality of market surveys currently offered in China.

Market survey Beijing

Moreover, reliability and consistency must be the main driver of a market survey in China. That is why we developed a series process of checking. All the results and finding are monitored by our market experts, and every result which is not in lines with realistic data are removed.

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