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Wine Distribution in China

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Guest - August 6, 2013

we often talk about wine in China, but rarely education …

Claude Lada - August 6, 2013

“Le Grand Larousse du Vin”: the world reference of wines has now its Chinese language version

Class Multimedia, the editor of the Chinese version of the renowned encyclopedia of wine “Le Grand Larousse du Vin” has recently published the book after two years effort. This is the very first time such an encyclopedia of wines in native Chinese language has been published.

The beautifully illustrated 640 page large format hardcover Larousse encyclopedia aims to bringing to Chinese wine lovers and connoisseurs with exhaustive documentations and knowledge base, from wine’s origin and its history to wine selection and appreciation and from the best renowned French Bordeaux to Indian Vineyards.

Marketed as a marketing tool for wine vendors, the Chinese edition 拉魯斯葡萄酒百科全書 is only available in selected fine wine boutiques. In Mainland China, the Larousse encyclopedia is accompanied by a bottle of prestigious wine, packaged in a beautiful wood gift case and sold in the 50 wine stores of Le Vieux Monde who is the exclusive China partner of the Class Multimedia. Wine culture education is considered by many as an ally for wine promotion, the exclusivity partnership is giving to Le Vieux Monde distinguish competitive edges.

In Taiwan, HK and Singapore, Class Multimedia is currently looking for a capable chain store partner and has designed an original program supporting his future partner’s sales and marketing.

上品傳媒Class Multimedia, Contact : WANG Jue, +33 6 2685 7407


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