Boat and vegetable industries in China

1. Boat industry

As for its geographical characteristic, Shandong is near to Bohai and Huanghai Sea. Rich sea resources and natural resources and the Shandong Peninsula have a coastline of more than 3000km, so it’s abundant in marine resources and natural resources. Adding that its port density is among the highest in China, Shandong is the most suitable for the shipbuilding industry. Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai are three cities are three basements of boat industry in Shandong. The strategy of Shandong boat industry is to stress the production of spare parts of boats and to form a cluster effect. Up to now, there are 73 boat production and repair enterprises, 7 Yacht manufacturers, 34 supplementary companies. 100 thousand people are involved in the boat industry. The most famous boat construction city is Rongcheng, in Weihai , which is on the east end of Shandong. It has developed a complete industrial chain that combines production, repair with replacement, which improves the efficiency a lot. Together with technology development, Rongcheng has become the leading boat industry city of Shandong. During recent years, with the increasing average wealth, more people turn to yachts. What’s more, yachts tourism can bring development of housing, water entertainment, food consumption, and so on. Seeing the great market potential of Yachts, Shandong listed Yacht industry as a main industry now. apart from the prosperity of boat industry in Shandong, it is also confronted with obstacles. During recent years, an increasing number of foreign-invested boat companies come to existence in Shandong, which are big rivasl of native boat industry. In order to keep the advantage of boat industry, the government decided to accelerate the integration of shipbuilding enterprises, SMEs entering the production systems of large enterprises or the development of producer services to ensure large-scale production and intensive management.

2. Vegetable industry

Mild climate, abundant water, and fertile soil make Shandong a suitable and productive province of vegetables. From the early 1990s, Shandong vegetable stepped onto a way of rapid growth with the concept of “high production, high quality, high efficiency”. Vegetable industry has now become the leader in the criteria of farming industry of Shandong. Owing to convenient transportation, Shandong vegetables are sold all around china. Even, because Shandong is close to Korea and Japan, a large part of Shandong vegetables are also exported to those countries. Furthermore, what makes the vegetable industry of Shandong popular all the time is the continued technical upgrades of vegetable production. And, Shandong has always set production diversity as a goal, trying to satisfy different needs of customers. Among all cities in Shandong, Shouguang is the most famous vegetable-producing city, which is named” hometown of Chinese vegetable” by the State Council. “Shouguang Vegetable” has become a kind of Shandong specialty nowadays and it’s exported to Korea, Japan, Russia, America, and so on. Shouguang holds “vegetable exhibition” once a year to popularize its products and technology, which make Shandong vegetable more popular and well-accepted, more importantly, the planting technology is known to more people and more districts. With the fast developing use of internet, Shandong has opened online trade service of vegetable to enable people get access to vegetable more conveniently, improves the efficiency and save s money. Electronic transactions have promoted the trade condition a lot. However, vegetable production depends on climate greatly. Any unexpected change in weather may produce serious impact to the profits. So, vegetable industry is confronted with relative high risk. To mitigate the bad impact of weather, the only solution is to improve technology and promote innovation. Only through new methods can the vegetable production make stable progress.

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