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Brief Market Research of Dalian


Dalian is the second largest city of Liaoning province, after Shenyang, the provincial capital. One thing that need mentioning is that Dalian is the most beautiful coast city in China. The natural view, cultural historical spots and the clear air condition attracts both Chinese and foreign tourists.

The city has had a continuous annual double-digit percentage increase in GDP since 1992. In the year 2009, the city’s GDP registered a 15 percent increase, reaching 441.77 billion Yuan, while per capita GDP hit 71,833 Yuan. According to a nationwide appraisal by the National Bureau of Statistics, Dalian ranks eighth among Chinese cities in terms of overall strength. The city’s main industries include machine manufacturing, petrochemicals and oil refining, and electronics. Since the 1990s, Dalian City has put an emphasis on the development of the IT industry, especially in Dalian Hi-tech Zone and Dalian Software Park in the western suburbs near Dalian University of Technology. Not only Chinese IT companies, such as DHC, Hisoft and Neusoft Group, but also American, European, Indian and Japanese IT companies are located there. Currently, the “Lushun South Road Software Industry Belt” Plan is proceeding, including Dalian Software Park Phase 2. All that above shows that plenty of foreign capitals are attracted by the newly developed modern city and also injects new energy to it. They look to further increase of the Chinese market and they have got a lot of competitors in China so that they have to pay more attention to the special taste of Chinese customers.

The most wide spread foreigners in Dalian is the Korean. Dalian xinghai square is a good place to hang around. And there are not only natural view in Dalian, but also cultural and historical sites to visit because of the wars happened here in modern China. Local food here is more or less related to seafood and Korean style foods. The the excellent geographic location and giant potential market of seafood in Dalian make it one of the most famous coast tourism city in China.