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Daxue Talks 35: How can businesses in China minimize the effects of coronavirus?

Businesses in China minimize the effects of coronavirus

What are the legal rights of Chinese entrepreneurs during the virus outbreak? How can entrepreneurs in China, with the help of legal instruments, minimize the financial impact of the actual crisis?

In this episode, Nicolas Coster, a business lawyer, discusses the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak from a legal perspective and gives insights on how Chinese most affected sectors can legally deal with the situation.

Jump to the questions:

  • 0:26 What should seriously affected sectors know during the outbreak?
  • 1:23 For businesses that closed during the outbreak, what are the options to lower labor and rental costs during the shutdown?
  • 2:47 Are affected businesses obliged to reimburse expenses to clients who cannot travel due to quarantine, travel ban or rules?
  • 4:18 What options exist to renegotiate contracts with employees? What can employers do with the rental cost?

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