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China work visa process

Daxue Talks transcript #17: China work visa process

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 17. From the talk with Gabriel, learn useful tips about China work visa process.

Full transcript below:

I am Gabriel from Shanghai Li Dong Fang Law Firm, I am a lawyer with 7 years of working experience. My specialty is labor law, company law, intellectual property rights, trademark, copyrights and international trade, banking rules.

  1. When applying for a work visa in China what are some things you should do to make the process as painless as possible?

Well, I have two points. My suggestion got two points.

First, make sure all the documents, for example, the graduation diploma, the resume, and veracity of those qualifications, what qualification documents are true and valid.

Second, we should check the type of job position we apply for. Because if your job for a foreign expat, if his or her job can easily be replaced by a local employee, such an application could result in a decline of the assurance of a work visa.

2. What does the visa procedure look like when changing jobs?

The expat, the foreign expat should fill application within 10 days of such jobs change. And, if the foreign expats still work in the same place, they should have their employer register such change and apply for the extension of the residence permit. And, they should also be careful that if you change your job, for example, if your job is a data analyst, if you change your job to a guardian, a keeper at some company, that could also result in decline, because the change is so much.

3. Do I need to transfer my working visa in China after getting a new passport?

Yes, you are required to do so when you got a new passport because, otherwise, it is very inconvenient. You should transfer and associate the visa, the digital information of the visa to a new passport.

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