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China’s App Annie is raising 15 million USD from Sequoia

App Annie is a company founded in 2010 which collects various kinds of data about apps to help

app publishers measure the performance of their products and improve their businesses. App

Annie is distinct in that it tracks more data than any other app data company. Specifically, it has

tracked more than 23 billion downloads and more than $6 billion in app publisher revenues.

The CEO of App Annie

The leader of App Annie is Bertrand Schmitt, a technology entrepreneur with 14 years of

executive experience. His previous experience includes acting as the VP Mobile for Gomez and

as the COO and VP Marketing at Zandan.

App Annie’s products

App Annie offers three main products: analytics, store stats, and business intelligence.

App Annie’s analytics product collects the sales data of apps, including statistics about

downloads and revenue. The company provides the data in a graph which the user can modify by

looking at a specific country or date range. The user can also look at the statistics for each day,

which is particularly useful during the launch of an app or when it does promotions to see how

well it is doing. Furthermore, App Annie’s analytics collects data from all the stores an app is

sold in, such as the iOS app store, the Mac app store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

App Annie’s store stats is a tool to look at the rankings of apps. The product gives charts to show

both daily and historical rankings. The user can modify the charts in order to look at rankings for

a country or a certain category of apps. Also, the user can see the rankings on several platforms,

such as iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows 8. Store stats also includes a

search engine so the user can easily find data on specific apps.

Finally, App Annie also offers an intelligence tool to its customers. This tool allows its clients

to get market estimate data which will help them to make better informed business decisions.

Specifically, App Annie examines app publishers’ competitors, looks at how to help businesses

expand internationally, helps with monetization strategies and ad budgets, looks at the top

publishers, and helps customers with business development in general.

App Annie has enjoyed a large amount of success

App Annie has been very successful in the app data industry. Specifically, more than 300,000

apps use App Annie analytics. Even more impressively, more than 90% of the top 100 iOS app

publishers use App Annie. This includes publishers such as Activision, Disney, EA, Google,

Microsoft, Skype, and Vodafone. App Annie is very popular among publishers who want to

track how many downloads they have, see what their rankings are, and get reviews of their apps.

The success of App Annie is allowing it to continually expand. This month, App Annie received

$15 million in funding from Sequoia Capital. It will use these funds for new analysis tools and

for expanding its offices in San Francisco, Asia, and Europe. With its notable success in the app

data industry, App Annie is sure to continue growing in the future.

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Picture: Google