Lego in China: conquering the toy market one block at a time

With almost 300 million kids under the age of 18 in 2023, the Chinese toy market is extremely profitable, and reached a revenue of more than 18.9 billion USD in 2022. Lego is among the major players in this sector, holding over 43% of the market share in the construction toy category as of 2021. […]

Neiwai: Empowering women with comfortable lingerie & loungewear

Neiwai is a Chinese lingerie and loungewear brand that was launched in 2012 with the aim of creating apparel that frees wearers’ bodies and minds. Starting as an online retailer, the brand has grown into a well-established brand offering a full range of leisurewear lines. This lingerie brand has over 140 stores covering more than […]