Daxue's team: Eva Kam

Discover Daxue’s team: Eva Kam

Can you introduce yourself and your background?

I got a Bachelor degree in Media and Communications at the City University of Hong Kong. After my graduation, I moved to France for a year, where I found a job in tourism. Later, I got the opportunity to work as a publication executive at the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.  I was involved in the production of the first edition of the guidebook “French Shopping & Dining in HK” (in Chinese法現香港), introducing most of the French brands in Hong Kong.  I also worked as a marketing assistant in a trading company called Zhong Hua Fang Da 中華方大. My missions at that time were to manage the inquiries for price quoting to food additives trading companies in Europe and APAC regions, liaise with clients and the factories in China for the orders, analyze the trend of the Sodium Cyclamate market and identify sales targets. Before joining Daxue Consulting, I traveled to New York where I spent around three months.

What are you doing for Daxue Consulting?

My current position is Project Manager at Daxue. I am working on Chinese search engine optimization, which refers to the process of improving traffic to a particular website by increasing its visibility in search engine results. I am also managing projects in Hong Kong as well as monitoring client relationship building for the company.

What recent project did you work on? Do you have a specific sector you like to work on?

At present, I am working for a cosmetic company, on a methodology framing the competition, both local and international on the Chinese markets, and screening potential strategic partners. My favorite field is Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), because of the fast pace of this industry and its permanent evolution in China.

What recent news did catch your eyes in China?

Recently, I read an article about the growth of e-commerce business. According to Alibaba’s Jack Ma, e-commerce is going to become ‘traditional.’ Alibaba has around 430 million annual buyers; this means one out of every three individuals in China have made a purchase using its online retail marketplaces. I think this number is quite impressive.

Any hobby in Shanghai? Where would be your first choice for a dinner / party in Shanghai?

At the moment I have two major hobbies, yoga is the first one. I enjoy it a lot because it helps me to relax and gain strength both physically and mentally. My second hobby is swimming; I like it because I enjoy the unique tranquility in the water. I do have a favorite place for dinner called D.O.C, an Italian restaurant famous for having the best pizza in Shanghai.