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International organizations and institutions with close relation to the government aim to help companies entering the Chinese market by offering reports on a particular industry considering various aspects, such as the current market situation, future trends and potential opportunities, as well as regulations and restrictions.

China, having one of the biggest communication networks worldwide, also has a higher percentage of population utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) compared to similar developing countries. Thus, the potential of conducting business in the ICT sector in China is enormous.

The client wanted to detect business opportunities in the ICT sector in China

Daxue Consulting’s client, a Swiss government body, aimed to stimulate interaction and develop business opportunities between China and its home country. Therefore, the organization approached Daxue Consulting to conduct an in-depth study on the ICT sector in China to be able to offer the companies an overview of the industry and its segments, investment possibilities, HR related aspects, and a future outlook.

Daxue Consulting’s approach: secondary research topped with valuable insider information

Daxue’s team started with an extensive documentary research to get an understanding of the market, but also to gather relevant data which enabled further steps of the research, namely in-depth interviews with the most suitable experts in the industry. The desk research covered the following aspects:

As a second step, the consultants prepared and conducted in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investment professionals to gain first-hand insider information about the ICT sector in China. Daxue Consulting obtained valuable insights into differences in comparison to the western world, and the team could get an understanding of the biggest trends, and existing challenges in the distinct segments. The qualitative interviews additionally enabled the consultants to talk about specific cases and examples through which the team was able to analyze potential deal-breakers. Daxue Consulting also questioned funding and investment policies, including risks, and difficulties in comparison with other countries.

Daxue Consulting summarized all aspects in the final report

After analyzing the gathered data, Daxue Consulting prepared the final report. It provided in-depth knowledge about the ICT sector in China, distinctly representing the various segments. Additionally, the research team attached the transcriptions of the interviews. The summarized findings were presented at a conference and finally sent to SME’s being members of the organization.

Daxue Consulting carried out numerous projects for governmental organizations and international institutions. Contact our experienced team to discuss your research project in China.