Interns in China

Managing students by an experienced full-time team

Daxue consulting is very different form a placement agency for interns. The only point in common is that we indeed work a lot with students. But the main difference is that we take all the burden to select, manage and staff the students.

Through our experience, we have been able to notice the highest potentials and find ways as well as implement processes to manage them in the best ways.

Finding interns in China and managing them is hard. It often requires specific management and experience on this issue.

Making it done with students not interns in China

What we aim at doing is to make sure the work is done.

In order to reach this point, we use precise methodologies and adapted management.

Interns in China can be involved in project such as market research in China.

Making it more effective, easier and cheaper than interns

Because of our networks and our knozledge, we are able to get the best from our students.

This is the result of years of work, best practices and also as for now, the ability to rely onrecommendations from our previous project assistants. Daxue Consulting is the most searched market research company in China by recently post-graduated looking for a job. It is the result of years of networking and co-working with students and interns from the best universities all over China.

interns in China


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