Internships in China

Even though China is not discouraging students to intern a company, it proved more and more difficult and challenging for students to get an internship and get the authorizations to do one.

General Overview on Internships in China

Nowadays, more and more western students look forward to do an internship in China before their graduation in order to gain more experience. Working and interning in China may be more challenging than interning in other countries, however the rewards are also greater as an experience in China is valued by a lot of employers. Showing a future employer that you successfully interned in China will show your flexibility, adaptability and the ability to succeed, even in a foreign country, all qualities desired by an employer.

Different Ways to Find an Internships in China

Many websites aiming at helping students to find an internship can be found nowadays in China, such as,, even though they mainly focus on jobs instead of internships. Students tend to look for an internship or a job on these websites. On the other hand, some Chinese students will try to attend the recruitment fairs, recruitment events on campuses to meet with enterprises and try to get an internship or a job.

What’s more, students can also get an internship from the organizations such as IAESTE, AIESEC, HCIA & COMPANY. These websites will make it possible for cooperation between enterprises and students. These internships always take place during the summer and winter vacations designed especially for the undergraduate students.

Interns at Daxue Consulting

Daxue Consulting has been built on the model of Junior Enterprise, and also provides internships for students. It is very different form a placement agency for interns. The only point in common is that it indeed works a lot with students. But the main difference is that it takes all the burden to select, manage and staff the students. Finding interns in China and managing them is hard. It often requires specific management and experience on this issue. Moreover, the projects are managed by full-time consultants.

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