The Chinese Art Market: History, Investment, and insights from a local artist

Chinese art market

The Chinese art market is one of the biggest, along with the US and Great Britain. According to TEFAF statistics, the country held 22% of the global art market in 2019. Still, there are many opportunities in the country thanks to its growing economy. Even if the country has a long tradition of art among […]

What are investors speculating on the Chinese art market? | Daxue Consulting

The Chinese art market

China has the second-largest art market in the entire world. According to ArtNet, in 2017 the Chinese art market accounted for 20 percent of total sales in the $57 billion global sectors. However, speculation around Chinese art influences collectors and investors’ confidence, and shape the new trends of the art market in China. Despite the […]

Art Schools in China: more and more Chinese Art Students

Art Students china

Art Schools in China: a surplus of Chinese art students Will Arts schools in China succeed in retaining Chinese students? Today, there are very few Art schools in China. Increasing numbers of Chinese students are leaving the country to study art abroad at university and college-level. Over the last five years, universities and colleges in […]