China’s beer market is the fastest growing in the world

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Beer occupies an important position in the alcoholic beverage industry, and China is the world’s largest producer of beer. According to Statista, China produced 341.11 million hectolitres of beer in 2020, around 1.6 times more than the United States. There were 346 beer enterprises in China in 2020, reaching 146.894 billion CNY in sales revenue, […]

The alcohol market in China is making a comeback

alcoholic beverage market in China

In 2011 China introduced the new law for punishing drunk drivers, the growth rate of overall alcohol market in China consumption lowered. Faced with stricter drunk driving testing and more severe punishments were there to be accidents, people intentionally choose not to drink alcoholic drinks before driving. However as people adapt to the laws, and […]

Daxue FAQ – CRE Selling its Retail Unit

China Resources Enterprise (CRE) sold its retail unit back in April to focus on beer production. What drove the decision and how is the retail sector in China currently coping? In answer to your first questions, it’s a relatively simple case of Chinese Resources Enterprises focusing on what can turn a profit and handing off […]

Market study: beer in China

Nowadays, China’s consumption of beer ranks higher than any other country in the world. Tsingtao Beer(青岛啤酒), Snow Beer(雪花啤酒), Yanjing Beer(燕京啤酒), Budweiser(百威啤酒), Shancheng Beer(山城啤酒), Pearl River Beer(珠江啤酒), Harbin Beer(哈尔滨啤酒), Kingway Beer(金威啤酒), Sedrin Beer(雪津啤酒) and King Star Beer(金星啤酒): Out of these top 10 selling beers in China, 9 of them are Chinese domestic brands. Chinese beer has […]