6 common mistakes when entering the Chinese market and how to avoid them

Chinese market

The Chinese market is understandably an attractive target for foreign companies. China’s GDP has shown significant growth, increasing from US$1.21 trillion in 2000 to US$14.28 trillion in 2019. Comparing this to other world economies, China exceeds Germany’s GDP of US$3.86 trillion (2019) but still falls below the US GDP of US$21.43 trillion (2019). Private consumption […]

Chinese brand naming case studies in the pharmaceutical industry

Chinese names for pharmaceutical brands

Finding an appropriate Chinese brand name is an important step for any international brand entering China’s market as it is necessary for building brand equity among Chinese consumers. Hence, a brand that has taken care of adapting its name seems more reliable. Choosing an appropriate Chinese brand name is especially important in the healthcare industry, […]

5 Things everyone gets wrong when starting a business in China

starting a business in China

Starting a business in China is a brave and bold move. It requires sacrificing an average of 70 hours a week for several years. This, in essence, is what most startups fail to recognize. Success doesn’t come overnight. So, if you are looking to open a new chapter in life and start a business, here […]

How to name a brand in China

daxueconsulting_brand naming_barnd naming process in China

Matthieu David, president and founder of Daxue Consulting, shares insight on the importance of a professional approach to company/brand name in China. The process of naming is a tricky one, even if it seems easy and obvious, it is always better to consult with experts in this field, who know the market and all pitfalls. Among other […]