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Chinese’s dairy products consumption

Consumption of milk and dairy products is rooted in dietary habits in Western countries. They are countries which have today the largest consumers led by Europe. Finns hold the world record for milk consumption with more than 150 litters per year and French are leader in the consumption of butter and cheese. In Asia, the […]

Market Study on The market of Laptops in China

1. Market overview In 2011, with the impact of the downturn of the economic environment in the overall market, and the tablet PCs, smart phones and other mobile terminal devices with similar functions, the Chinese laptop market sales still increased compared with 2010, but growth was slowing down even if there was a large number […]

Market research: German companies in China

The German economy is the leader of the European economy; the successful companies and the abundant capital establish Germany as a stable foundation of international investment. Since the reform and opening policy, German companies have achieved a lot. By 2011, the number of German companies in China reached 7000 and the amount of investment exceeded […]