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A growing number of seniors in China is crossing the digital divide

Chinese elderly KOLs

OECD said that a country would be considered an “aging society” if the share of people aged 65 years or above exceeds 7%; as an “aged society” if the share exceeds 14%. According to The Seventh National Population Census of the People’s Republic of China, China’s population aged 60 and above accounts for 18.7% of the […]

The Silver Economy in China: Consumption trends of China’s aging population

pensions in china

What is the state of China’s silver economy? Often referred to as the seniors’ Market, the Silver Economy in China covers all products and services intended for people aged 60 and older. As stated in its name, the Silver Economy is not only a ”market”  but also functions as an “economy”. Senior citizens in China […]

How China Will Age? Challenges and Opportunity for the Elderly Industry in China

Elderly industry in China

To know more about the Elderly Industry in China, contact us at Elderly Industry in China: Market Overview In 2015 there were nearly 200 million elderly people above 65. The elderly account for 13% of China’s population, and will be 23% by 2030 and 25% by 2050. Due to the one-child policy, Chinese families […]