Has China’s coffee market already reached its full potential?

the coffee market in China

In a country culturally and historically attached to tea, the consumption of coffee in China is a relatively recent phenomenon. Developing similarly to the Japanese coffee market, the Chinese coffee market only started to develop in the late 80’s and early 90’s with foreign imports. Notably, Nestlé entered the Chinese coffee market in 1989 and […]

Starbucks Coffee in China: A Rising Addiction

Starbucks Coffee in China A Rising Addiction

Starbucks Coffee (In Chinese: 星巴克) launched into the Chinese market for the first time in January 1999, thus opening its first store in China World Trade Building, in Beijing. In a country where tea is as the first most popular drink besides water, Starbuck was given for objective to transform 1.3 billion tea drinkers to […]