Market Overview: the Toothpaste Industry in China

To know more about China’s market, contact us:  Following the skin care and hair care, the oral care products occupy the third largest portion of the daily chemical industry. As the largest section in the oral care industry, toothpaste accounts for 77% of the total sales value. In 2012, the sales value of toothpaste […]

Market Trend of The Cosmetic Industry in China

Cosmetic Industry in China

 The Cosmetic Industry in China  The cosmetic industry in China has been increasing with the rapid growth of the Chinese economy these recent years. The total retail sales of skin care products and makeup products in China is estimated to 142 billion RMB and 21 billion RMB respectively in 2014, an annual growth of 8.0% […]

Top Foreign Cosmetic Brands in China

Top Foreign Cosmetic Brands in China

China’s cosmetics market has still some great potential, with the two major driving forces that are the growing Chinese household incomes and the increasing pursuit of personal. China’s skin care product market, 212 million $, is the largest in the world. However the amount of per capita consumption of skin care products in Japan is […]