Mobility in China: Opportunities and challenges of when ride-hailing meets delivery

Meituan officially launched its own ride-hailing APP Meituan Dache (美团打车Meituan ride-hailing) for Shanghai and Nanjing’s markets. Meituan Dianping is a Chinese website and APP for food delivery services, consumer products and retail services. As a very typical representative of mobility in China, Meituan Dianping was originally called Meituan. After merging with Dazhong Dianping it changed […]

Apple Invests on the Biggest Car Hailing Company in China

To know more about the Car hailing Industry in China, contact us at A surprise partnership between DidiChuxing (In Chinese: 滴滴公司), the biggest car-hailing company in China, and Apple was announced at the beginning of the month, as Apple made one of their biggest outside investments with 1 billion USD. It is an unusual investment, […]