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chinese stereotypes of other countries

Why do Chinese People wear Masks and drink hot Water?   Chinese views of other countries through the questions they ask online Google search engine auto-complete results show that these are the questions asked about China and Chinese people. Though these questions are all-too-familiar with expats in China and those outside of China, many of […]

German companies in China

german business in China

German companies in China Chinese vision of German companies. In recent years, there have been many stories about German companies spreading among different Chinese social networks. One such story comes from the social network site WeChat in which a German company built a drainage system in Qingdao 100 years ago and predicted the problems that […]

Market research: German companies in China

The German economy is the leader of the European economy; the successful companies and the abundant capital establish Germany as a stable foundation of international investment. Since the reform and opening policy, German companies have achieved a lot. By 2011, the number of German companies in China reached 7000 and the amount of investment exceeded […]