Harbin Economy Introduction 4

4 SWOT Analysis of Harbin Economy Strength – Harbin has a traditional and strong industrial base, especially in automobiles and equipment manufacturing. – The logistics center of Heilongjiang Province. Harbin has convenient road, rail and water transportation infrastructure. – Harbin has an abundance of natural resources such as water, minerals, forests and raw materials for […]

Harbin Economy Introduction 3

3 Economic Growth Highlights Cultural Industry Harbin was strongly influenced by the culture of Russia. The economy and culture of Harbin grew rapidly at the end of the 19th century, when Russia built the terminus of the Middle East Railway here and later more than 160,000 foreigners from 33 countries migrated to Harbin, promoting the […]

Harbin Economy Introduction 2

Overview of Harbin Heilongjiang’s largest economy, Harbin has historically been a heavy industrial base; other industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, and textiles have formed a comprehensive industrial system in the city. The city is also a major agricultural base in China and boasts a complete agricultural process chain. Additionally, China’s “Ice City” is an […]