The decoration market in China: A competitive market reaching maturity

Decoration market in China

The Chinese decoration market includes two sectors, the building materials market and the home-decorating market. The market as a whole is experiencing rapid growth due to increase of government investments and improvement of general living standards. It is extremely competitive as there is a large amount of small and mid-sized firms within the decoration market […]

The interior design market in China, a rising symbol of luxury | Daxue Consulting

interior design market in China

The interior design market in China The rise of interior design in China China has a long and profound history of home décor, and the modern home décor market in China is a fusion of traditional Chinese furniture with ancient roots and simple modern décor and furniture. The craft of interior design in China encompasses […]

Wall Painting Industry in China: Under a New Profitable Revolution

The painting Industry in China

The international coating industry is reaching a saturation point; however, China is one of the few countries that has maintained a growing total production in the coating industry. In 2009, the total production for the wall painting industry in China has overtook America’s figure, becoming the largest producer in the world. Since 2013, Chinese total […]