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The athleisure market in China: opportunities in an increasingly active country

Athleisure market in China

Athleisure is a fusion of fashion and athletic apparel, fit for a wide variety of occasions, such as at work, school, socializing, and of course, a variety of workouts. People dressing in athleisure clothes often present an active healthy lifestyle, 35.1% of individuals opted for regular exercise as their means of maintaining health in 2022. Download […]

Nike in China: A tale of community engagement and women’s empowerment


Nike first entered the Chinese market in 1981, and its growth was characterized by a unique approach. Instead of directly introducing its products, Nike in China opted to support sports clubs and athletic events. A pivotal moment occurred during the 2008 Beijing Olympics when Nike proactively sponsored multiple sports teams, effectively extending its brand presence across […]

Sports Equipment Distribution in China

Sports equipment distribution in China

How to gain market share with China-adapted distribution strategy How can sports brands optimize distribution in China to gain market share?  The sports equipment market in China is booming, and brands and distributors are interdependent. In this piece we evaluate the sports equipment distribution distribution channels in China of market leaders.  Lastly, we see how […]

The 10 most epic China marketing campaigns of 2019

Most epic China marketing campaigns of 2019

Trends of the top China marketing campaigns of 2019 2019 brought creative China marketing campaigns from many industries. Our team looked at the marketing campaigns of 2019 and chose ten of the most epic to analyze. Some of the trends observed in 2019 that we expect to stay for 2020 were co-branding, social media marketing, […]

Market research: Sports in China

Currently, the sports industry contributes about 2% to a country’s GDP in western world, but in China, it is the other way around. In China, the sports industry GDP accounts for less than 5% of gross GDP. In America, for example, sports events are almost all industrialized into professional leagues such as the NBA, NFL, […]