Temu: PDD’s direct challenge to industry giant Shein

Pinduoduo recently launched a cross-border e-commerce platform named Temu, which has garnered a lot of attention since its launch. According to Sensor Tower statistics as of October 17th, 2022, the platform ranks 2nd in the shopping section of Apple’s App Store in the US, following Amazon Shopping, with a 3.8-star rating based on 339 reviews. […]

Shein’s market strategy: how the Chinese fashion brand is conquering the West

Shein market strategy

Shein is now the largest cross-border fast fashion e-commerce company in China. The e-commerce clothing brand reaches consumers in the United States, France, Russia, Germany and over 200 other countries. In 2021, the Shein app had over 177 million downloads, with over 43.7 million users worldwide, exceeding 10 million monthly active users in the US alone. On […]

Cider’s marketing strategy: what you should know about the most promising Shein wannabe

Cider’s marketing strategy

Shein, one of the most valuable startups and the fastest-growing e-commerce company in the world, has paved the way to a new way of conceiving fast fashion that has been labeled as “real-time fashion,” thus causing the mushrooming of low-cost cross-border e-commerce platforms attempting to emulate the great success of the Nanjing-based company. So far, […]