The Hand Sanitizer Market in China | Demand after COVID-19

hand sanitizer market in China

There are three kinds of hand cleansers in China: regular hand soap, hand sanitizers, and heavy-oil-stain-removing cleanser. Nowadays, people widely use the former two types of hand cleansers in daily life. Notably, the outbreak of COVID-19 stimulated the hand sanitizer market in China. Many companies that did not produce hand sanitizer started to produce it […]

The Soap Industry in China: View Trends & Analysis

The Soap Industry in China

Demand cleaning soap industry in China rose about 15.6 % from 2010 to 2015, with a favorable response to 2018. The following laundry soap and synthetic detergent manufacturing market research report provide an understanding of the market size and its growth potential. The size of the Soap Industry in China Products such as soap, bath, […]