The global expansion of the Chinese underwear brand, NEIWAI in the West

NEIWAI in the West

NEIWAI is an original Chinese lingerie brand that actively targets Western consumers. It was founded in 2012 and started growing alongside China’s ecommerce platforms. The Chinese underwear brand has become a pioneer of China’s body positivity movement, but the brand is making waves outside of China as well. In 2018 online growth rate of NEIWAI […]

Market research: Underwear in China

Underwear, a once private topic that people did not often talk about, has now become an indispensable component to modern life. For most young fashionable ladies, they know a lot of underwear brands, such as EmbryForm, Aimer, Ordifen, Gujin(古今), MarieClaire and A-Fontane, etc. According to statistics, the underwear market in China has been growing at […]