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The Market of Dried Meat Bars in China

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China consumers have a preference for dried beef bars in the market of dried meat bars in China. Dried beef was originally the Mongolia exclusive delicacy. As early as Genghis Khan established the Mongol Empire, dried beef plays a very important role in expeditionary combat. Nowadays, dried meat bars gradually become people’s daily snacks. At the same time, consumers in the United States and other western countries are becoming more and more inclined to choose protein snacks rather than sugary foods, The 122-year-old company, Hershey is betting that dried meat bars are the new chocolate bars. The global beef market is experiencing a wave of explosive growth. Revenue for the Meat Processing industry in China is set to reach $98.9 billion in 2015, up 9.2% for the year. However, China’s domestic dried meat bars don’t own famous brands. Furthermore, under the lack of government regulation and business ethics, the safety problem of dried meat bars still needs to be improved.

Rising Consumption of the Dried Meat Bars in China

In China, there is a broad market demand for dried meat bars while the brand awareness is low. A recent survey made by Daxue Consulting states that 88.0% of the Chinese consumers have bought dried meat bars. In addition, almost all the consumers seldom remember the brand of the dried meat bars they have just bought. Up to 97.3% of the Chinese consumers. The dried meat bars in China is still at his introduction stage in terms of the product lifecycle. Whether it is a large-scale enterprise, a small and medium enterprises or a new entrant to the market, the brand visibility basically is in the same starting line.

Investing in the Meat Industry in China

The capital requested for establishing a meat processing plant in not that high but huge investments are needed to purchase various types of new equipment and machinery. Although there are numerous dried meat bars products in the market, the quality is uneven. Under the lack of sufficient regulation, a lot of food safety frauds exist. In 2014, Yisi (亿思) as an old food brand in Guangzhou with over 20 years ‘experience of production of dried beef and dry beef tablets, its products had been found to contain only swine DNA components, which shows that the beef products didn’t contain any beef ingredients at all, using pork as a raw material.

Daxue Consulting’s Market Survey

Daxue Consulting has extensive survey experience in human resource, market, social, and custom research. Daxue has conducted a market survey to understand the consumer’s insights, helping to identify the Chinese consumer demands and expectations. The results have been done among 100 persons surveyed, the survey shows that:

  • 29.4% couldn’t remember the dried meat bars brands they’ve bought within the year.
  • Consumers who have bought different brands during the year accounted for 26.2%.

It is clear that brands of dried meat bars still remain in the category of the recognition stage with no powerful brand in the market with a lack of branding strategies.

Among the dried meat bars market, nearly 80.7% consumers tend to have a preference for beef bar and 44.7% consumers would put fish bars on top. Pork bars are the third popular among the Chinese consumers which are 11.3%. Few other kinds of meat would be chosen by Chinese consumers. Chinese consumers are more in favour of dried beef and fish bars for snacks than other meat products.

Weak Brand Positioning 

Dried Meat Bars in ChinaThe meat snacks in China, including beef jerky, dried fish, dried pork and so on, has established a stable market capacity and consumption demand. In recent years, the product sales showed the obvious upward trend as well. Nevertheless, corresponding with the needs of numerous consumers, the dried meat bars market is still in the initial stage of marketing and era of competition in the category, which leading to the ambiguous brands impression in a vast majority of consumers. However, it indicates that the dried meat products still has tremendous business opportunities as well.

The marketing strategy of the most famous dried meat enterprise is currently hiring various agents to distribute products in retail supermarkets. Distribution channels also stay in natural delivery status. Large and medium-sized supermarket are the main retail channel for the dried meat bars. 51% consumers generally buy it in hypermarket and 32.2% of them in medium-sized supermarkets.

Many dried meat bars has little clear brand positioning and target market. The industry generally has shown a phenomenon of an uncreative stage, with classic branding on the product packaging. In short, dried meat bars brands and products are numerous while the competition is not fierce and the overall marketing level is very low.

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