Market research in China

Market Research in China


Daxue Consulting regularly conducts studies on different markets in China, including habits of consumption, deals-screening, focus groups, etc. based on our data and information. The market research can be realized either in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzen or second-tier cities such as Dalian, Harbin, Xiamen, Xian, etc.

These studies aim to provide access to distribution networks in China and to enable our customers to have an exhaustive vision as possible to know how to sell. Project managers provide recommendations as operational as possible.


To conduct a market research, Daxue Consulting may use various methodologies:

  • Information collection through the Internet (Baidu, google, specific platforms) and magazines (specific fields, analysis of competitors, competing media plans),
  • Qualitative interviews with market experts: consultants, professors, experts,
  • Store-checks, focus groups, benchmarks, sentiment analysis,
  • Interviews with competitors through various approaches,
  • Qualitative interviews with prospects, clients and competitors,
  • Synthesis of internal documents, etc.


Delivery for a marketing research

The recommendations resulting from a market research go along with a certain number of documents, in particular:

  • The figures that highlight industry trends, the buzz, the elements of a successful marketing plan,
  • A benchmark of the players in the market with their marketing strategies,
  • The Marketing Mix adopted: price, localization, POS, etc.
  • Summary sheets that detail the strategy of competitors, studies of marketing campaigns carried out previously,
  • Recommendations on the selection of providers.

Some references for market research projects

Daxue Consulting recently realized the following market research projects:

  • For a textile company, an analysis of competitors with their marketing strategy,
  • For a company of music equipment, an analysis of marketing strategies among upscale competitors and players in the West,
  • For an industrial company, a research on the deals in the last 3 years in their industry.

Price of the services for a market research project

The market research is charged on a day-study/person basis between 500 and 3000 RMB (55 and 330 euros). The minimum price for a study is 5,000 RMB (550 euros). Some research projects may reach up to 500,000 RMB (50,000 euros) especially when the study is part of a long-term contract.

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