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Market research Shanghai: why?

China is probably today the most attractive market in the world; and Shanghai is the most dynamic and growing market in China. Most of foreign investments are concentrated in Shanghai and it is almost an essential step in a market entry strategy in China.

On this fast-evolving environment of Shanghai, it will be crucial to have a high-degree of understanding of the market of Shanghai. Market research in Shanghai can lead you to gain valuable knowledge and insights. Thus, market research in Shanghai will help you to identify business opportunities and to take the right decision on the fierce competition of Shanghai environment.

A market research in Shanghai can be helpful for many business issues as segmentation, branding strategy or differentiation.

Market research Shanghai: Daxue Consulting offers valuable solution

market research Shanghai


Daxue Consulting is your best partner to establish your brand and your products in Shanghai. Our multicultural staff offer strong expertise of the local market and are recognized as a reference for marker research in Shanghai.

Daxue Consulting conducted many market researches in Shanghai, including habits of consumption, focus groups, mystery shopping. Our large network in Shanghai allows us to offer the most cost effective solution for your needs. Daxue Consulting’s staff is involved in every step of the market research and sees every research as a different and customized project.

Daxue Consulting can provide qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Market research Shanghai: Delivery

Our recommendations resulting from a market research in Shanghai are specifically designed to be directly applicable and come along with objective data presentation.

Our goal is to highlight key drivers of growth in Shanghai. Our whole process of market research, and this our presentation, is focus on identify market opportunities and to assist you to develop the best long term strategy in Shanghai.

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