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The basis of the marketing principle is to know your customer and your market. For a foreign company in China, the importance of this  principle grows as the cultural difference can lead to many business and commercial issues and as the competition is fierce. In this environment, any exclusive information can lead you to take a crucial advantageous position over your competitors. Furthermore, innovative and well-targeted methodologies can bring you this opportunity. Online market research and online survey are the most cost-efficient tools to use for gaining a competitive edge over your competitors.

Online survey in China is a methodology which uses the internet to gather data and information about the market, the competition, and the consumers. This is an innovative and fresh part of the market research discipline. It has been enhanced with the growth of social media as not only the level of difficulty but also the amount of opportunities has been multiplied. This is especially the case in China, where the whole online environment is different from western countries. Thus, our staff can help to answer such business questions as which elements are crucial for developing your activity in China such as : How to sell on Taobao or on Tmall? How should you use the Chinese social networking services?

Online market research in China is a crucial tool for each foreign company.

Online survey is essential for businesses in China

Information delivered by our online market survey can help you identify trends which will place you ahead of the competition and assist you with making the right decisions to get better results.

The online survey methodology is affordable for a company of any size that needs to gather essential  information about their market, their customers, and their prospects. It includes the essential basic knowledge of their target as well as valuable consumer insights, and even thepotential areas for further growth.

Our services: online questionnaire China

Our online market research service is tailored for every specific research needs. We do not have a standard process as we pay close attention to working with your staff on every step of the survey, and we guarantee to deliver the most adapted and suitable information for your project. Our online survey methodology and our large respondents sample size allow us to target the right profile according to your needs and your business issues.

Our multi-language staff is involved in each step of the process. We designed online questionnaire in Chinese, English and French and we manage local project such as online surveys in Shanghai or online surveys in Beijing.

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  • Online product testing

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