Allocation of investment in China

Daxue Business Consulting has conducted studies on allocation of investment in China, that is to say an analysis of implementation costs, marketing, and recruitment. These studies are generally included in the Business plan and are an essential step to any entry into China.
These studies are aimed at empowering our customers with a vision as accurate as possible to make its investment and give them the means to achieve their goals within its scope. Project managers will provide the most possible operational recommendations to achieve a rapid and efficient implementation.

Daxue Consulting uses various proven methodologies to determine the best Allocation of investment in China

To realize a study of allocation of investment, Daxue may use various methodologies:


What kind of consulting for your Allocation of investment in China

The recommendation resulting from the market research go with a number of deliverables, which may be in particular:


Some references

Thus, Daxue Council recently realized the following benefits:

Daxue Consulting reference in the press: Financial Time / Marketing to China / ESSEC


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