Kris Koeller – pictures of China

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The following are some beautiful pictures of China, taken by an American named Kris Koeller.

This post is a break from our usual economic and business news flow. This reminds us that China is also an amazing place for tourism. The first five pictures were taken in Beijing and the rest of the pictures were taken in Harbin.

This is Qianmen(前门), where the buildings have an ancient style but contain modern brand shops such as Zara, H&M, and Starbucks.

This is a bedroom & study in the Summer Palace, which is now used as a museum for antiques.

This is the frozen lake in the Summer Palace in Winter. In the background is Wanshou Moutain(万寿山).

This is Kris Koeller, the photographer of these pictures, in the Summer Palace.

This is the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace, which is 728 meters long.

The lake is frozen, and the weather usually tends to be very cold and windy in winter.

This is the picture of Kris and Jessica in the Ice  Festival in Harbin(哈尔滨), Heilongjiang(黑龙江) province.

These are all sculptures made from ice.

Ice sculptures.

These sculptures are made of snow.

This was taken by Kris outside of his hotel window.


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Credit Photo: Kris Koller’s Blog 

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