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What Daxue Consulting does for research in China

We offer a personalized market research in China. We search for accurate and updated information to help our clients explore the possibilities of development offered by different regions in China.

We use various general publications or obsolete information in order to answer the specific questions our client may have related to their project in China. The scope of our activities includes:

  • Competition analysis: Identification of technologies, products or services of competitors (local and foreign industries operating in China) as well as the suppliers of those products / services on the market.
  • Terms and regulatory framework for entry into the Chinese market: information on taxes and duties, quotas and deadlines, non-tariff barriers and regulations (or locally) that may affect the entry on the market or the competitiveness of products or services.
  • Size and market shares: information on market size / demand for products or services, including import-export statistics, data import and local production.
  • Market trend: evaluation of the potential market for products or services, based on market trends, industry sources and statistics of production / import. The report includes indications of significant trends that may have an impact on your target, such as information on competing investments, government programs, changes in global or local, the emergence of new regulations, effective practices regional or local levels.
  • Standards & Product Registration: information on standards and required records and proceedings related to special licenses for the products. We also assist our client in filing the required records.
  • Viability of Products: we are looking to what extent and under what conditions the products / services have a captive market in China. We meet with agents / distributors or partners in order to identify if they are suitable for our client.

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