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Brief Market Research on Ningbo

General Overview on Ningbo:

Ningbo is located at the shore of the East Sea and on the south of the Yangtze River Delta where the economy is booming. Neighboring Shanghai, Ningbo is a city which is open to foreign countries, specifically designated in the state plan and enjoys provincial first-class economic management authority. It is a well-known cultural and historical city all over the country, national gardening city, and national excellent tourist city. It has a total area of 9365 square kilometers with a total population of 5,527,000 people. Ningbo is an important economic center city and the primary industries are the heavy and chemical ones on the south of the Yangtze River Delta.

City life and Bars in Ningbo: The Office, Legends Bar, Shooters Bar, Z Rocks, The Garden
A lot of bars can be found in Ningbo such as The Office, located in Lao Waitan, Legends Bar, Shooters Bar, Z Rocks, The Garden and so on. All over Ningbo many bars often have happy hour with “buy-one-get-one” until 8PM or ”Buy-two-get-one” after 8PM on select beers. Since many business men will trade from the outer district of Beilun, many bars have been springing up to cater to them. There are four main coffee bars in Ningbo, they are starbucks, C2 café, Randys Café and Sunparty Coffee. And the nights clubs Club TNT and the Soho Bar are very popular among the foreigners in Ningbo.
Ningbo is the economy center and the base of industry of Yangtze River Delta. From ancient time, business is the mark of Ningbo. Especially after the reform and openness of China, Ningbo is becoming the most active city in China.
In 2011, the GDP of Ningbo is 601 billion Yuan. The primary industry accounts for 25.6 billion Yuan, the secondary one accounts for 333.5 billion Yuan, and the tertiary industry accounts for 241.9 billion Yuan.

Retail in Ningbo: Carrefour, War-Mart, Auchan, Metro and Tesco
The retails in Ningbo is very well developing. The chain supermarkets, Warehouse Stores and the logistic companies develops very quickly. The great retail such as Carrefour, War-Mart, Auchan, Metro and Tesco are opening stores in Ningbo one after another. And the large shopping malls are also going to be opened in Ningbo. As the main format of modern business, all kinds of shopping malls are starting their business in Ningbo. The shopping malls in Ningbo includes: Tianyi Square, Wanda Square, Century eastern commercial plaza and Raffles City. Some big exhibitions from different categories are often held in Ningbo. China food expo, China international household exposition and the China plastic exposition are all in Ningbo.
There are many well-known companies in Ningbo. And the primary industry is light industry like textile. Ningbo Beyond Home Textile Co Ltd in Housewares and Home Furnishings (China), Ningbo Deli Stationery Co, Ltd in Personal Goods (China), Ningbo Sacon Kitchen Equipment Co Ltd in Housewares and Home Furnishings (China) and Ningbo Fotile Kitchenware Co Ltd in Housewares and Home Furnishings (China)., these are the Chinese companies in Ningbo.