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Brief Market Research on Tongling

Tongling, located in the central south in Anhui Province, is a new industrial port city. Tongling is very rich in natural resources, especially mineral resources, which are more than 30 kinds, such as cooper, sulphur, iron, gold and so on. More than 70% cooper reserves of Anhui Province are in Tongling, it’s the holder of the largest pyrite reserves in the East China and the second-largest in the whole country.

Tongling has developed quickly in terms of economy and society since 1980s, state-owned business in the city has reduced from 73% in 1997 to 23% in 2003. Meanwhile, there’re more than 1700 private enterprises. In 2011, total GDP has been 57.94 billion RMB and per capita GDP has been 79.704 thousand RMB, per capita GDP and per capita revenue rank first in the province.

Tongling non-ferrous metal company is a comprehensive cooper production enterprise including selecting, smelting, processing and trading. The company was established in 1949, it’s the first joint-stock experimental enterprise in Anhui. This company has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 15 holding subsidiaries.It was listed on the stock market in 1996. In the past 10 years, the company’s stock total capital has increased more than 5 times, total assets increased 17 times, net assets and annual net profits both increased more than 11 times. In 2005, the company’s total assets has been 8.35 billion RMB, including 3.64 billion RMB net assets. It also has 5 million RMB net profits. According to excellent operation and outstanding achievement, Tongling non-ferrous metal company has high reputation in the secondary market.