Guide to social media platforms in China: Choosing the right platforms for your brand

social media platforms in China

Social media platforms in China are vastly different from the west. Strong censorship in the country blocks most large international social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, which forces China to create their own social media ecosystem shared with no other countries. Understanding the various social media platforms in China is crucial to engage […]

Ingredient-based skincare market in China reaching Chinese “Skintellectuals”

ingredient-based premium skincare marketing in China

A new term on the Chinese internet is 成分党, pronounced “cheng fen dang”, which points to the tribe of skincare consumers in China known as “Skintellectuals”. This consumer tribe are ingredients-oriented and thoroughly research skincare products before purchasing. The ingredient-based skincare market in China precisely targets this knowledgeable consumer group. Like makeup, skincare, selfies, topics […]

The 10 most epic China marketing campaigns of 2020

most epic China marketing campaigns of 2020

2020 was an all-around difficult year. But during the turmoil of a global pandemic and a global economic crisis, there were brands who still insisted in spreading the messages of hope and empowerment. There were also brands that uplifted us with their creativity and adaptability, and provided new products that resonated with Chinese culture on […]

How Christmas in China is celebrated and why it is considered controversial

How Chinese celebrate Chris as

Although most Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, in the shopping malls Christmas decorations can be seen starting in early December. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, as well as Halloween, which has been growing in popularity, more and more western holidays are on Chinese people’s radars. However, the way the Chinese […]

Keys to nostalgia marketing in China: Qualitative research on what makes Chinese millennials and gen Z nostalgic

Research on nostalgia in China

Nostalgia marketing aims to capture customers’ attention by appealing to cherished memories. Nostalgia marketing is done through returning to concepts from an earlier phase in target consumers’ lives like family, holidays, and school, through triggers like music, tastes and images, or through pairing with popular brands, products and icons from childhood and early adulthood. From […]