Project: China Entry Project

China Entry Project - EducationDescription: Given China’s extensive “Go West” development plan, Chinese central and western cities are more and more on the rise for local and foreign investment, attracting tourists, businesses and new industries to the city. Traditionally, Chinese have always paid  great attention to the role of education in their own life, and the growing wealthy population in central and western areas represents a huge opportunity for foreign schools.

Output: Based on this knowledge, the client, a famous European education group, was looking to conduct a market research to better map the viability of establishing a new school in the west. In order to provide the client insightful data and minimize their risk of entering the market, Daxue Consulting executed a thorough online analysis of the education environment and the client’s potential students in the targeted city. The collected information was then triangulated with a tailor-made offline survey that made it possible to provide the client with strategic recommendations on the development of their future Chinese venture.