health and safety rules during the coronavirus

Daxue Talks 37: Chinese health and safety rules during the coronavirus outbreak

How Chinese employers have to deal with workplace safety rules upon the coronavirus outbreak? Can employees refrain from remote work?

In this episode, Nicolas Coster, a business lawyer, explains how employers in China are impacted by the health and safety rules during the coronavirus crisis. The business lawyer explains some changes in relationships between employees and their employer due to the virus crisis and discusses the consequences of excessive stock up of masks.

Jump to the questions:

  • 0:26 What are the obligations of employers to their teams? What about masks and disinfection?
  • 2:30 Are employers obligated to accept remote working from their teams?
  • 3:08 Are there some changes in terms of relationships between employers and employees due to the virus outbreak from a legal perspective?
  • 4:29 Is it punishable by law to stock masks or hydro-alcoholic solutions? Can it be taken by the government?

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