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Chinese Products

Chinese products in all industries are going into the world market with an irresistible power. Since China is a country that can provide huge amount of cheap and high quality labor, it has unparalleled advantage in producing labor intensive products, for example, TV sets, or little toys. Also China now is switching the mode of production from the extensive one to a knowledge-intensive one. Chinese products, with their high quality and low price, are going into every corner of the world.

Wholesale China, the biggest market

China could lack everything except for labor-once said by a professor in a Chinese university. In Yiwu, there is the world’s biggest wholesale market of the world. 65% of the souvenirs of the London Olympic Game in last August are produced in China. Also, a large number of media and small scale companies are taking part in producing small products, like brooches that athletes wear, uniforms of cheerleaders, seats in the gymnasiums, furniture in the Olympic Village.

Chinese sportswear apparel provider to Olympic competitors


Again take the London Olympics as an example. We find that among the famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Chinese products are also frequently appearing in our sight. Li-Ning, the brand set up by the legend gymnast, sponsored almost all China’s gold medal events, such as table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, diving and shooting. Anta, another Chinese sportswear apparel producer, succeeded in being the sponsor for award dressings for the whole China Olympic delegation. Apart from Li-ning and Anta who focus mostly on China delegation, other brands like Peak, Erke, Qiaodan, 361. also come into people’s camera. Peak provided award dresses for seven countries’ delegations, including New Zealand, Slovenia, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Cyprus. Kevin Love, the star basketball player of the United States, wears 361. in his competitions. All this indicate that Chinese sportswear apparel providers are going to have their position in the world market.

Li-ning VS. Nike

IT industries: what are Chinese products doing

It is still remembered by people that Lenovo, the Chinese IT giant, bought IBM’s PC and laptop services in 2004 at a price of 1250 million dollars. Now Chinese IT enterprises, like ZTE, Haier, Haisense, Lenovo, TCL, Founder, Konka, are making efforts to create their own brand images. According to an interview made by some western media, European people regard Chinese products as ‘high-quality, but not cool enough’. Admittedly, compared with Apple, Samsun, Chinese products maybe not worse in quality, but people may think you are poor if you use them. This situation may last for years, but things could be better if these firms successfully send their brands into the high-end market.