Monitor your industry with market intelligence in China

Market intelligence, or market watch, consists in observing the various aspects of a business sector, its actors, its customers and its competitors through targeted metrics and hard-data. Nowadays, Western businesses are used to operate in a way where all the information are readily and publicly available to anyone. However, China remains a unique and specific market to approach, suffering from lack of reliable and valuable information as well as transparent source of data. Daxue Consulting offers market and competitor intelligence for the Chinese market. More specifically, our team will build a database and tailored reporting including:

  • sales volume and values of each targeted segment in China
  • market sizing through triangulation of demand, competitor revenues and distribution volume
  • structure of the market and national distribution
  • metrics on digital engagement and conversion
  • pricing audit
  • cost analysis on any operation related to a full implementation in China

Daxue will help you gathering data that will be key for your market entry or development strategy in China. This solution is integrated in a long term monitoring market watch plan. Our final aim is to ensure our client to remain ahead of the market and anticipate trends and competitors’ operation.

In order to run a business efficiently, China-based brands must be available to navigate through a complex and opaque economic, managerial, and cultural environment. Our team aims at leverage the market intelligence data to design a tailored road-map for your operation in China. This work document will lead to:

  1. mapping of the competition landscape and the resulting brand positioning to adopt in China
  2. mapping of the distribution and promotion channels to leverage in China
  3. definition of key milestones in the distribution and promotion strategy
  4. definition of the step-by-step implementation process, including any element of the marketing mix
  5. evaluation of total initial and operational investment to be made
  6. evaluation of revenue generation model based on various investment scenario
  7. design of a KPI collection and reporting process for performance monitoring

Our deliverables are aiming at being a decision-making tool, allowing you to allocate resources in an efficient manner. Still, what is the essence of market and competitor intelligence?


What is Market Intelligence in China for Daxue Consulting?

In China, data-collection requires an unique close-to-market approach, as data transparency and reliability are a major issues for marketers. Daxue Consulting’s knowledge of China’s market is essential to gather, interpret but also challenge the data. Our market intelligence solution consists in defining and gathering relevant information to a company’s market. This encompasses four activities:

Market Intelligence and Market Watch in China  

Each of those data can be a discipline in itself. The market intelligence power comes from the integration of those cornerstones. The methodology does not only imply data, but a combination of data correlation and analysis that generates essential information for business decision making. The data are merged together from the four main activities and the report provides rigorous analysis and insightful information. With this methodology, Daxue will display ongoing monitoring by gathering market research data and competition data on a regular basis. This monitoring solution will help you to stay up to date in your business sector and remain one step ahead from the competition.  Market watch is also often used by B2C companies with a large number of individual customers.

market intelligence china

The main purpose of Market Intelligence is to help businesses to grow and to increase their revenue/profit or market share by helping them building their image in front of the internal customers and stakeholders.

Daxue’s core business focuses on delivering integrated solutions. In cooperation with our customers, we develop customized and efficient methods with the right balance of solutions. To know more about us, contact us!