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Cosmetic Distribution in China

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Daxue Consulting

Daxue Consulting is a China-based market research and strategic consulting agency. Our team has worked with over 300 international brands in the last 5 years, including industries such as F&B, education, luxury, cosmetics, digital and high-tech, but also industrial projects in B2B sectors. We conduct all research methodologies internally with a full coverage of Mainland China to provide market sizing, consumer research, promotion and distribution plan design, competition benchmark et others. Our consultants have been quoted in media such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Financial Times, the New York Times, South China Morning Post, China Daily, Reuters, Le Monde, Les Echos.

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Jack - December 27, 2013

Is there anyone checking the articles put online? Letting huge mistakes regarding brand names make us wonder whether your studies are corrects… !

How can P&G become Procter & Gamder ??? It’s Procter & Gamble

Johnson &Jonson: missing a H and the second Johnson

When you say “Christian Dior from France, L’Oreal, Shiseido from Japan” it means that L’Oreal is from Japan which is a huge mistake.

“Traditional retail: Sophora(France), “: should be SEphora

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