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What is Daxuekids

Daxuekids is focusing on the kids market from 0 to 18-year old: infant formula, babyfood,  babies and kids’ apparel, kids’ accessories, toys, education.

Better understand Chinese families’ dynamic

Daxuekids provide you with information on:


Lets take one example: a healthcare company focusing on the baby segment. In order to assess the potential for its new product in China, the client contacts Daxue Consulting to execute a survey in China low Tier cities and rural areas. The study aims at giving a clear picture of product/concept awareness in lesser developed parts of China, as well as assessing needs and purchasing behaviors in targeted provinces.

Daxue Consulting will conduct desk research and survey over 1,000 parents in these areas to analyse and highlight the trends, needs and behaviors of the population towards the client’s product. Then, Daxue Consulting can execute series of focus groups to compare the perception of the client compared and potential acceptance keys and brakes