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What is Daxuenames

Daxuenames is a segment of leading China-based business advisory boutique Daxue Consulting offering naming and brand equity solutions for international companies in China.

Daxuenames has developed its own in-house methodologies to develop safe, adequate and strategy-aligned names for international companies to build brand equity and assets in the new markets they develop in.

Optimize your first contact to your Chinese target

Daxuenames is creating names for international companies to reach overseas markets:

  • International companies aiming at entering or developing their China footprint in need of Chinese names for products and brands
  • Chinese companies going global in need of an international brand name for products and companies

The process of creation and testing of your future name includes:

  • Benchmarking of names within competitors, substitutes and within the industry
  • Defining the identity of the brand and its adapted features within the Chinese market
  • In-house name generation
  • External-players-based generation through a focus group
  • Name confrontations through focus groups, surveys or industry peers interviews

Lets take one example: a childrenswear brand in New York wants to develop its online sales in China. 

Daxue Consulting answers this need by providing a thourough audit of the brand on the Chinese Internet and of the working assumptions of the competition and the identification of trends and main client acquisition leverages through big data analysis on Baidu, Wechat, Douban, Weibo, Tmall, Taobao, JingDong, 1haodian.

Then, Daxue Consulting will work in-house or with reliable and long-term partners on the setup of the digital market operations of the client, including the building of assets (website, e-shop, WeChat account), the indexation of the brand on Chinese platforms or communication material.