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What is Daxuenov

Daxuenov is an agency working on innovations. Our aim is to identify, define and implement innovations that will disrupt the market on behalf of existing businesses that are looking to keep path with current and future market and consumer trends.

WHAT IF: you could to your customer needs; you could design an offer that distinguish your brand from any competition; you could take advantage of new work processes; you could find new methods to fully leverage your enterprise; you could offer a new vision of future to your team?


Implement innovation in your business

Daxuenov can provide you with:

  • Better understing of your needs in term of competitive edge
  • Audit of your market situation and the consumers expectation for new consumption/services
  • Assessment of the risks and the value of each new process
  • Learning process in your team and corporate culture
  • Identification of your existing innovation assets and brakes
  • KPIs setup to assess efficiency of each innovation added

Lets take one example: an China-based sportswear manufacturer wants to implement innovation into its production line.